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You're in the right place if you're a business owner or key executive who is:

  • struggling with how to grow your business without screwing up your life.
  • making money but sucking the life out of your relationships, health, happiness, and freedom.
  • successful on the outside but unsure on the inside about the big decisions.
  • ready to be more than you’ve become.
  • wanting actionable help, straight-shooting advice, and promise-keeping accountability.

If you’re that man….there is hope….we’ll PERSONALLY coach you so you’ll grow your business, enrich your life, and achieve your unrealized potential.

About Bill and Robert

Together, we have over 80 years of leading people, building companies, and coaching business owners and top executives.

We’ve coached hundreds and inspired thousands of men who’ve grown successful businesses without screwing up their lives.

Now, we are on a mission to help 1,000,000 men before we’ll rest. It’s our way of making a dent in building a better world, one man, one business, one family at a time.

At our Academy, business owners and top executives get actionable free content, access to self help training resources, a community of like-minded, lion-hearted peers, and world-class, personalized coaching.

We are lifetime friends. We’re both married and have 8 children and 1 granddaughter between us. We love the beauty, adventure, and grit of Jackson Hole, Wyoming so we made it the Academy’s home.

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Discover new ways to
reach your unrealized potential!

T Minus One Personal Coaching

Think Usain Bolt exploding off the starting blocks racing towards an Olympic gold medal. Your T Minus One business and personal life coaching session is full of your hard work and energy combined with our expertise, experience, and proprietary process. Your place on the podium awaits!

Are you ready to turbo
charge your WORLD?

We regularly hear from men who own or lead businesses and struggle to grow their company without screwing up their life. To help them, we developed a proprietary framework called The Launch Sequence™. When mastered, it takes you down the path of getting what you want most in the most important areas of your life. Launch Sequence™ mastery empowers you to live a present, fulfilled life while making the kind of Big Impact you were put on this earth for.

Are you the man we’re looking for…a business owner or key executive between the ages of 30 – 49, who wants more freedom, has unrealized potential, and wants to be more than you’ve become?

About Rusty Lion Academy

Are you happy and successful? Is your life full of passion, freedom, wealth, rich relationships, and vibrant health? Are you living your dream and building a life that matters?


Do you work too many hours? Are your relationships strained? Is work sucking the health out of you? Are you successful on the outside but unhappy on the inside? Do you have unrealized potential?

If you’re a successful 30 – 49 year old man and a business owner or top executive facing any of these dilemmas, you’ve landed in the right Den.

At Rusty Lion Academy we know how you feel. We’ve been there. But, now we’re a little ways ahead of you enjoying the freedom, benefits, and dream life we rightfully earned.

Today, we’re sharing what we know and have experienced! With our help you, too, can get what you deserve!

We positively, powerfully impact you to be a better man, develop better leadership, build a successful business, and live an extraordinary life. We’re building a better world one man, one leader, one business, one family at a time.

We hunt and work together like a pride of Lions. We help you reach your fullest potential, grow your business, and enrich your life. Through the Pride, you do so far quicker with fewer mistakes.

What’s our secret sauce? 2-on-1 coaching! We combine our individual gifts, talents, strengths, expertise, experiences and wisdom into a powerful “1+1=3” team. You’ve got a personal two-man “board of directors” whose only metric is your success.

While many programs claim to improve men’s lives, we deliver.

Stop limping. Choose to be more than you’ve become. Don’t go to the grave with that song still inside you.

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