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Live Authentically. Find Freedom.

Rusty Lion Academy is the fulfillment of the founders’ passions.

As entrepreneurs, businessmen, fathers, husbands, and leaders, they have lived lives they are proud of with thanks to a few men who guided them during pivotal moments. Now, they are doing what they love and paying it forward by mentoring thirty- to forty-nine-year-old, entrepreneurial men on how to develop and sustain fulfilling lives.

This includes creating a successful business, but it goes further and deeper. The curriculum at the Academy considers a man’s family, friends, free time, health, community and more as equal parts to a whole. Combining a carefully crafted curriculum, an international network of like-minded Young Lion peers and Rusty Lion professionals, and regular coaching sessions, Robert and Bill give Young Lions the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to lead their pride.

“At Rusty Lion Academy, the best men get better.”

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